Monday, January 17, 2011

Feel the burn......

Ok so i had planned to write this post yesterday but after the evening aqua aerobics, i was completely buggard! But in the best way possible! Having not exercised for such a long time, i was very surprised that i didn't drown or sink or pull out, very pleased i did the full hour and overall i can honestly say i loved every minute! 

So I'm going back again tomorrow, me and my friend did very well yesterday and being newbies we may or may not went as hardout as we could of done or maybe we weren't doing some of the exercises the right way, haha but we tried our best and we felt the burn. 

Today i did 25 minutes non stop on the the exercycle, with 5 minute intervals of going what i call very fast, and for a girl who is so unfit, i certainly felt like jelly once finished and i was sweating like a piglet but again it felt great. 

As for eating, i had 4 vita wheat crackers & a small can (90g) of tuna for lunch yesterday and for dinner i had a smallish portion of 2 1/2 potato's,  silver beet, and slow cooked honey pork, which my lovely friend made for dinner and it was delicious! Today i had a very small bowl of homemade Tikka Masala vegetable curry & 2 bits of pita bread for lunch and low-fat chicken Quesadillas for dinner. I had a craving for sweet glorious sugar earlier, so i had a chub a chub lolliepop & for a afternoon snack i had a banana. In addition, i have drunk so much water, i'm getting extra exercise by getting up and down to go to the loo! haha. And talk about willpower, hubby went to the shop before and before he left asked me "do you want anything?", usually i would say "ice-cream" or "chocolate bar" etc. etc. but this time i said "no thanks, im fine". Woah huge step for me...i'm determined to keep this up. 

So i hope i am doing all the right things, i don't expect to be Michael Phelps in the pool anytime soon or look like a supermodel but every little bit of getting up & moving, is better than doing nothing i guess. 

OH also i brought some new electronic scales the other day and at the time i weighed 100.5kg and today i am 100kg exactly, so i don't know if the scales are very sensitive and not very accurate, but 100kg i will take and use as my starting weight. In 3 weeks time, i expect to be 5kg down.....bring. it. on. 

Just 1 last thing, i had a moment of paranoia when i woke up this morning, i had an unusual throbbing in my stomach and i thought oh nooooooooo, something is wrong with my band!!!! But as the day has gone on, it has been fine now and funny thing is, what i actually think it was, was my stomach muscles re-adjusting themselves as i haven't used these muscles in so damn long! Dear oh deary me....muscles under all this flab is so very hard to believe, maybe i will get to see them one day but for now i'd just be happy to be able to wear a pair of jeans without suffocating me and without the jelly roll spilling out over the top. 

Until tomorrow.....

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