Thursday, January 13, 2011

Photos of shame....

I thought i should put up some 'Before' pictures, so i can look at them when i may need to find some motivation to never be this girl ever again. I avoid camera's like the plague, for obvious reasons and if i MUST have my photo taken 99% of the time i make sure it is from the neck up and even then they are not that flattering as my 6 chins get in the way of the shot. Anywho theses are some photos i have found, i tried my best to find full body shots, which were few and far between.

Viewer discretion is advised...they are not nice to look have been warned,lol,  thanks : ) 

Can you guess who is me? Yes correct, I am the big blimp in blue....not wanting to look at the camera :(  

Here i was tricked into looking towards the camera as someone said my name....sneaky sneaky. The beautiful girl next to me is 1 of my B.F.F's and the other foxy ladies are some of her lovely family members. 

Ok i would not blame anyone for asking me if i was pregnant in this photo...this is me in Rarotonga, where me and my hub's got married.  I look revolting.

This is not a full body shot...but i can not believe the size of my fat face! : ( 

This is me on my hens night, i was forced by my wonderful friends to wear this! I had a blast but loathed the photos i had to take, i look like a drag queen oompa loompa, lol. However after many wines, shots & glasses of punch later i couldn't of cared less, yipeeeeeeeee, haha, my dear friends also surprised me with a stripper....i will never look at a fireman the same, yumo! 

Ewwwwwwwww i cringe looking at this picture, you can see in my face that i knew it was going to be a horrible photo...

This photo makes me very can see in my eyes how uncomfortable i am, feeling like a beached whale. I had just been swimming and snorkeling with Hubby and within seconds of getting out of the water, i was sweating! I was in paradise but i felt i couldn't enjoy it due to my fatness, i will return to Rarotonga 1 day and next time...i will be mostly fat free! I make a promise to myself...I WILL CHANGE! 

This is me and the most beautiful, wonderful, special person in my life, my bestest friend, my nana. I was genuinely happy here, spending time with nana, even though my arm is the same width if not bigger, than my nana's head. 

This is me and my stunning sis on my wedding day. Again i do not want to face the camera, happiest day of my life but not so happy in my own skin. I was wearing a corset, which almost killed me and humidity completely raped my hair, other than that it was a amazing day.

Vomit...this is me and my darling hubs, it was taken about 2 years ago but i HATE this photo. Hubs looks so handsome and i look so unhealthy...

This is me and my gorgeous BFF, if i was a lesbian I am sure she would be my soulmate, known me since i was 5 years old and i love her more than some of my own family members. Here we are about to take a mine tour and i am wearing the biggest vest size they had and it just fitted! Actually if i remember correctly, i don't think i could do the bottom button up : ( Jeezzzz talk about reality check....

My goodness....i was caught off guard and bam, here i am! I think i would make a good sumo wrestler, other than that i can't think of anything nice to say about this photo. The sunburn, the shear size of did anyone not tell me how disgusting i look? Deep down i know the truth...but i have never been very good at hearing it.

Oh my darling sure is for me if you really really look into my eyes, you can see the sadness, unhappiness and pain of being fat & unhealthy. It was hot in Rarotonga but hubs face is nowhere near as shiny as mine. 

Well thats enough photos for now...i don't think i can bare to look at anymore, its too much and painful but all this is about to change, i'm gonna make damn sure of it! It was hard enough just posting these photos on here, these are photos i normally screw up, delete, burn and/or NEVER show a single soul, embarrassing to say the least.  

P.S Hi to the lovely people who are following me, thanks for your support. Hope you are all well and happy and i'd love to hear from you sometime. Even if you don't read all my posts and i don't blame you because i do waffle on, it is still nice to know you are there...thank you. Take care. 
Cant wait to feel the burn on Monday, I start aqua aerobics and i can honestly say i am really really looking forward to it! Until then.....

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  1. I've been meaning to comment since you posted but didn't get around to it.

    I know how hard it is looking at the old photo's of ourselves. I find it hard still looking at myself.

    The mental game is more of a battle than the physical one.

    Good luck!