Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Short & sweet

Okey dokey this is going to be a semi-short post but in a nut shell:

Aqua-aerobics is going swimmingly (tehe, excuse the pun)....starting to get the hang of it and not as painful as i thought it would be. Went 3 times last week, 1 hour sessions, this week i went on Monday, Wednesday session was cancelled and hoping to go again today and tomorrow. And i am so so so thankful for my dear friend is coming along with me, i honestly believe i would not go without her, i've always been slack trying to exercise on my own. So having her by side pushing me and each other to get up off my ass and go, i don't want to let her or myself down, it can be effort just getting there but once we are there it is so worth it, feels good physically and mentally. 

Weight stats: So im not liking my digital scales very much, they are mind-fu*king me, 1 minute i've lost and then im the same, i stepped on them 3 times in a row and each time got a different reading. Anywho i weighed myself yesterday and im 99.3kg down from 100kg, yayeeeeeee, i got this number more than once so im taking it. Although i weighed myself before and it said 98.6kg, grrrrrr so confusing, who said technological devices have improved is a liar in this instance....i think i need to get some old skool scales so i can an exact reading. 

Eating: So i did very well all last week, my sugar craving were intense, i would of killed for a chocolate bar but i resisted the urge, not even a milo or hot chocolate (as i always thought, i'm not actually EATING chocolate therefore im not as naughty....i'm good at excuses, i've played these games for years). But yes not having sugar was nearly the end of my marriage, haha not really but jeeus it was hard. Yesterday i ate something very naughty for the 1st time in 9 days. Confession time, i had a slice of chocolate caramel slice, it wasn't a big piece but it wasn't a teeny tiny piece either, talk about heaven! I had no regrets, except for i felt abit ill later on, but i think that was because i drank so much water afterwards and felt soooooo bloated! I also tried to eat half a sausage roll but it got stuck and i threw up the whole lot....boooooooo probably for the best, i shouldn't be eating it anyways but i've always been abit of a rebel. Other than that, what i have been eating has been so so, not amazing like a health freak but not gorging or full of fat and sugar either. And portion sizes have been excellent, so i give myself a B+

Mentality: Pretty average, the sugar cravings severely effected my mood last week and on top of all that, me and hubby been having some problems but things are coming right now and looking up. I got to keep to the eye on the prize, health, well-being and happiness. 

So i'll keep podding along.....thinking i do need to join the gym though, i know i could be doing more! 

Until next time......................

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  1. Thanks for the nice comments about me, Rachael.

    We ARE doing great, aren't we! :)